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Fifty years ago Armi Sport, the foundation of the Chiappa Firearms group, was born.

1958 marked the beginning of an important era in the production of Italian firearms and replica products. Today, the Chiappa Firearms group is a solid and fluent reality, with a commitment to shooting enthusiasts offering a wide variety of high quality products worldwide.

Chiappa Firearms products have established the reputation of precision craftsmanship with a fine eye for historical accuracy and detail. Over the past fifty years Chiappa Firearms has evolved through experience and a commitment to its customers to uniquely blend old world hand craftsmanship with the most modern of machining technology. This blend of craftsmanship and technology has yielded treasures of the past which are truly antique art in the form of arms

Armi Chiappa is a well-known company since a long time in the Gun field thanks to the marks with which it commercializes its products:

∑ Armi Sport, the mark on the replicas of muzzle loading and breech loading historical weapons;

∑ Kimar for blank, signal weapons, air guns and training systems.

The modern techniques of design and production, joined to the craftmade passion with which this job is still spent today, makes Armi Chiappa products are safe and painstaking in every detail.
The care reserved for each individual part, itís the secret to obtain a superior quality products.
Armi Chiappa is a reality in continuos expansion thanks to the productive flexibility and to the continuos research applied to the products and at innovative production techniques



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